Chains of Life

Food Chain

STEM Thursday, Schanen Elementary  March 8th, 2016

Presenters: Ms. Cortinas, Ms. Dion, Ms. Flanigan, Dr. Smee, Ms. Stevens

Chains of Life Lesson Plan


What features do the snakes that make it easier for them to catch their prey?



 Let’s Explore Online   

online game    

  • What is a producer? Where does it get its energy from?

  • What is a consumer? Where does it get its energy from?

  • Do you think there are more producers or more consumers?

  • Food Chain Cards


Let’s make a marine food web!

Food Web Cards (plant and animal pictures)

Marine Food Web Info Cards

food webfoodweb2



Let’s Play a Game!   



Let’s Make a Food Chain!

 food chain