Mentor Meetings Spring 2017

Mentor Meeting 1-30-2017

 beyond limits

I. What is intelligence?

II. Reaching our Potential

  • How was Katherine Johnson’s life impacted by teacher/s?

  • What does she have to say about the job of a teacher?

III. Logistics

  • Observations and visitations: is there a student who you may want to focus on?

  • Work with individual students and/or small groups

  • Next meeting: March 27th at 6:00

IV. Sharing

  • Successes

  • Struggles

Mentor Meeting 3-27-2017

 I. Synectics

Four Box Synectics Graphic Organizer

Synectics Description and Lesson Plan Outline

  • Brainstorm: What adjectives can you use to describe teaching?

  • Direct Analogy: Teaching is like (social media, family reunion, trip to Fiesta Texas, circus) because_____________________

  • Personal Analogy: I am like teaching because_____________________

  • Compressed Conflict

  • How could this help students learn?

  • How could this help you as a teacher?

III. Logistics

  • Work with individual students and/or small groups

  • Next AND last meeting: May 29th at 6:00

III. Sharing

  • Successes

  • Struggles