Mentor Meetings Fall 2016

Mentor Meeting 9-26-2016

Mentor Meeting Agenda 9-26-2016  

I. Gloria Ladson-Billings and the Education Debt

  • Why does Ladson-Billings call it an Education Debt rather than an Achievement Gap?

  • What is the impact of designating students ‘at-risk’?

  • How does what she is talking about relate to your experience as a teacher?

  • The Pedagogy of Poverty vs. Good Teaching


II. Logistics

  • Observations

  • RTOP: feedback?

  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics- April 5th-8th, 2017

  • Material needs

III. Sharing

  • One thing I am doing new this year that’s really working..

  • One thing I would like some feedback on..

  • An idea that I want to try…

  • A goal this year is…


Mentor Meeting 10-25-2016

I. Math and Dance

Math and Dance Powerpoint

  • How can dance help us learn math content more deeply?

  • How can dance help us develop mathematical practices?

  • How can dance help us experience more mathematical success?


II. Job Search

  • Preparing a resume

  • Applying for jobs

  • Interviewing

III. Logistics

  • Observations

  • ERC Visit

  • CAST

  • Next meeting potluck

IV. Sharing

  • Successes

  • Struggles


Mentor Meeting 12-05-2016


Holiday Activities Sharing