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                     STEM Thursday, Kostoryz Elementary, Nov 21, 2013 Presenters Dr. Smee,… View Post »

For archive purposes, and to support others interested in developing Math & Science Partnerships, we’ve compiled some of the proposal… View Post »

STEM Thursday, Browne Middle School, Nov 15, 2013 Food Chain-Food Web: Powerpoint Presenters Dr. Jeffery, Ms. Moore, Ms. Smee, Ms. Coates,… View Post »

STEM Thursday, Schanen Elementary, Nov 7th, 2013 Presenters Dr. Tintera, Ms. Scherer, Ms. Kureska, Ms. Oliver, Ms. Davis, Mr. Samuels, Ms…. View Post »

presented by Dr. Tonya Jeffery Science and the 5E Model Powerpoint Introduction What is Science? What is the Nature of Science?… View Post »