September 2016 Common Planning

 Common Planning Powerpoint September 2016

I. Welcome

A. Kim Moore-ETEAMS role, Program Manager
B. Tonya Jeffery-  ETEAMS role, Co-Pi


II. Spot It

Spot-it Investigation Recording Sheet

  • What is this game?

  • Let’s play the game!

  • Analyze the Spot It deck

    • How many cards are there?

    • How many different pictures are there?


III. Spot It Elaboration

Analyze the Spot It deck with three pictures, four pictures, five pictures

  • Can you create a deck with two pictures on each card? three? four? five?

  • How many different pictures would there be?

  • How many total cards?

  • How many total pairings?

  • How many pairing on each card?

  • Draw the deck

Making a Deck of Five Cards

Is there an algorithm that can determine the number of cards you would need for  n pictures per card?

Method for Generating Order Four Spot It

matrixIV. Final Thoughts and Questions?