May 30th, 2014 Certification Workshop

  1. Science Tools:
  2.  Ethics: Dissection in the Classroom 
  3. Chemistry: Creating Bonds: Chemical Bonds Powerpoint

Energy Levels4. Life Science:

    • Nine Major Phylums

Arthropoda includes one million living species.  Insects, spider, crustaceans (invertebrates with exoskeletons)
Mollusca 100,000 living species. clams, snails, octopus, squid
Chordata 45,000 living species. Vertebrates, and a few invertebrates (i.e. sea squirts)
Platyhelminthes 13,000 living species.  Flatworms
Nematoda 10,000 living species.  Roundworms
Cnidaria 9,000 living species. Coral, jellyfish
Annelida 8,700 living species segmented worms
Echinodermata 6,000 living species (spiny skinned), sea cucumber, starfish,
Porifera 5,000 living species. sponges

5.  Earth and Space