Research Logs for ETEAMS Science Experiences – 2015

Algal N-Alkanes in the Microlayer

by Monique Phillips, Ashley Bennett, Katherine Harty, Maria Gallegos, Katelin Stroman, and Dr. Silliman

Amanda Blair- Oyster Research Summer 2015

by Amanda Blair, Joanna Blonigen, Angela Prestero, Trisha Cruz, Sarah Sloan


by Dr, Mozzachiodi, Dr. Wainwright, Leah, Priscilla Pedrazine

Aplysia – Elizabeth Bradshaw

by Dr. Mozzachiodi, Dr. Waynewright, Leah, and Elizabeth

The Methylene Blue experiment’s purpose was to measure whether the chemical blocked the learning of a aplysia.

Ashley Bennet’s Authentic Science Research Experience – Sampling the Microlayer

by Ashley Bennet, Katelin Stromann, Kathryn Harty, Maria Gallegos, Monique Phillips, Dr. Silliman

Blue Crab and Oyster Study–Angela Prestero

by Angela Prestero, Trisha Cruz, Joanna Blonigen, Amanda Blair, and Sarah Sloan

Blue Crab Scientific Research

by Azita Pardom & Kelly Correia

Blue Crabs, Malathion and the Flume

by Lisa Coates, Kelly Correia, Amanda Guillory, Erin Erben, Suzi Uhling, Dustin Gabel, Amy Biven, Maribel, Nicole, and Azita

Crabs for days

by Maribel Barrios, Kelly Correia, Lisa, Amanda

Krusty Krab Pizza

by Amanda Guillory, Kelly Correia

Neurobiology Lab with Dr. Mozzachiodi and Dr. Wainwright

by Harry Samuels, Dr. Wainwright, Dr. Mozzachiodi

Oyster Growth & Blue Crab Research- Trisha & Avery

by Trisha Cruz, Angela Prestero, Joanna Blonigen, Amanda Blair, and Sarah Sloan

Oyster Growth Research Summer 2015

by Joanna Blonigen, Avery Scherer, Amanda Blair, Trisha Cruz, Sara Sloan, Angela Prestero

Predicting the Next Algae Bloom in Corpus Christi Bay

by Katherine Harty, Monique Phillips, Ashley Bennett, Mary Lou Gallegos, Katelin Stroman and Dr. Jim Silliman

Sarah Sloan: Oyster Growth With Avery

by Sarah Sloan, Trisha Cruz, Amanda Blair, Joanna Blonigen, Angela Prestero, Allison Poore, Amy Baker, Monique Phillips, Priscilla Pedrazine

Vibrio cholerae

by Allison Cortinas, Veronica Stevens, Vanessa Benavides, Charles Guerrero

Vibrio Cholerae

by Veronica Stevens, Allison Cortinas, Vanessa Benavides, Charles Guerrero