ETEAMS Fellowship Program

ETEAMS (Elementary Teachers Engaged in Authentic Math and Science) is a collaboration bringing together research scientists, pre-service and  inservice  teachers, grades 4-8 students, teacher education professors, and instructional coaches with the goal of increasing performance, confidence, and interest in mathematics and science.  The program is a partnership between Texas A&M University (TAMUCC) and Corpus Christi School District (CCISD) and is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.


The ETEAMS Fellowship is designed for students in the TAMUCC Teacher Education program who are entering their final year in college.  About 18 students are selected each semester to begin a Fellowship. The program is intended for highly motivated students who are willing to work toward adding a middle levels (Grades 4-8) math and/or science teaching certification in addition to their intended primary area of certification.

The ETEAMS Fellowship places students at three partner schools in CCISD: Schanen Estates Elementary, Kostoryz Elementary, and Tom Browne Middle School.  The students spend both their field basing and student teaching semesters at these sites.  At these sites, students will participate in the following activities:

  • STEM Thursdays: University scientists and mathematicians team teach lessons with the Fellows to the 4-8 grade students.
  • Instructional Coaching:  A designated coach will support the Fellows through out their experience, providing feedback and resources.  She will lead a certification workshop designed to deliver knowledge required for the content exam.
  • Common Planning: The Fellows will meet with Teacher Leaders to plan integrated math/science instruction.

In addition to the work in the school district, every ETEAMS Fellow will participate in 30 hours of authentic research on the campus of TAMUCC. They will be working in both the field and lab with STEM faculty as well as graduate students.  Fellows will join ongoing research studies in topics such as predator-prey relationships in crabs and oysters, wave action, and the expansion of black mangroves.

Fellowship Benefits

  • Deeper Understanding: ETEAMS provides a rare experience for classroom teachers: you’ll actually become a scientist.  This, along with the certification workshop and participation in STEM Thursdays, will deepen your knowledge of math and science.
  • Financial Support:  ETEAMS Fellows receive a $1,000 scholarship per semester for participation.  In addition,  Fellows may be eligible for funds to cover the costs of adding an additional certification area.  Study materials and other supplies are also  provided for free.
  • Marketability:  Middle grades math and science teachers are in high demand.  Obtaining one of these certificates may substantially increase your chances for employment after graduation.

Responsibilities of ETEAMS Fellows

Responsibilities of ETEAMS Fellows may vary depending on individual circumstances and program changes. The following serves as a typical example.

Summer of 2015
Attend an orientation session
Complete four (4) online electronic surveys
Complete three (3) hours of paper/pencil pretests
Participate in 30 hours of authentic science research on campus
Optional:  Attend ME by the SEa math and science conference on 6/19/2015
Fall of 2015
Participate in three (3) lesson planning sessions for STEM Thursday activities
Team teach three (3) STEM Thursdays at your field basing site
Required: Take content exam for your primary area of certification (MUST PASS certification test to be eligible to student teach next semester)
Spring 2016
Participate in monthly certification workshops (includes doing homework/studying between sessions)
Continue to participate in STEM Thursday activities
Serve as ETEAMS mentor to field basing students
Attend two ½ day planning sessions with Teacher Leaders
Register for math/science 4-8 content test
Complete post tests: 4 electronic surveys and 3 paper/pencil tasks
Participate in focus group giving feedback on program
June 2016
Take 4-8 content exam (math or science)
After June 2016
Complete follow-up surveys
Optional:  Serve as an ETEAMS mentor to Fellows during your first teaching year.

How to Apply

  1. Those interested in joining the fellowship program should complete the online ETEAMS Application Form.
  2. Applicant’s references will be emailed a password to access and complete a brief online ETEAMS Reference Form.

Application Deadlines

The approximate timeline for the next round of applications is the following:

  • November 13th, 2015: fellowship candidates who will be field-basing in Spring 2016 should submit the online ETEAMS Application Form by this date
  • November 20th, 2015: applicants will be notified of admission decisions by this date

Selection Criteria

Applications for ETEAMS Fellowships are evaluated based on the following indications of a highly qualified candidate:

  • Currently enrolled in the Teacher Education program
  • Entering their final year of their program
  • Completed all SMTE courses with A or B letter grades
  • Current overall university GPA of at least a 3.0
  • Strong work ethic with an ability to manage a variety of responsibilities
  • Willingness to complete field basing and student teaching experiences at the elementary or middle school level