Balloon Rockets

STEM Tuesday, Tom Browne Middle, November 17th, 2015

Presenters: Ms. Blair, Ms. Bradshaw, Ms. Dion, Ms. Gallegos, Ms. Guillory, Mr. Guerrero, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Moore, 

Balloon Rockets Lesson Plan



How can we use Newton’s Laws of Motion to design an investigation with a balloon, straw, and fishing line?

Procedure and Data Chart for Balloon Lab

balloon rocket

balloonssixballoonsfour balloonstwo


Balloon Rocket Foldable




  • How does this lab relate to the motion of a rocket?

  • Why do you think the balloon produces thrust and travels the opposite direction?

  • Does gravity affect the motion of a balloon? If so how, or why not?

  • Would there be any changes if the lab required the balloon to travel vertically instead of horizontally? Why or why not?

  • Would it make a difference if weight was added to the balloon? Why or why not?


1. What did I learn?

2. Why is it important?

3. What questions do I still have?