Battling Beaks

Bird Beaks

STEM Thursday, Schanen Elementary, March 12th, 2015

PresentersMs. Cruz, Dr. Jeffery, Ms. Rangel, Ms. Stroman, Ms. Torres, Ms. Vasquez, Ms. Ybarra

Battling Beaks Lesson Plan


A Peak at Bird Beaks Powerpoint

think, pair, share

  • What do birds eat?

  • Do you think they eat the same food?  Why or why not?


Natural Bird Beaks and Food Sources

  • What do you observe about these birds’ beaks?

  • What differences do you see?

  • How do the bird beaks help them get their food?

Beak Battles Data Collection Chart and Graph


 Let’s Share our Findings!

  • According to the data, what type of food does each beak pick up the best?

  • Which beak was able to pick up more than one type of food?

  • Why would it be useful for a bird to be able to pick up more than one type of food?


 Let’s Graph our Results!


Bird Beaks and Their Uses Powerpoint

Reference chart

time to write       If I Was a Bird Writing

Adaptation Games

Beak Matches

Build a Bird