Multiply and Divide Like a Mathematician

STEM Thursday, Schanen Elementary, Nov 7th, 2013


Dr. Tintera, Ms. Scherer, Ms. Kureska, Ms. Oliver, Ms. Davis, Mr. Samuels, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Moore, Ms. Gonzalez


How Much Time Do Kids Spend in Front of a Screen?

How Kids Spend Their Time


Exploring Multiplication as a Smart Mathematician

cascarones            Pizza      bananas

Exploring Division as a Smart Mathematician

watching tv


What strategies do mathematicians use to help them multiply and divide?


How do mathematicians divide time into parts of an hour?

quarter hour                       half hour                          15 minutes before 3


  • If Ms. Bates reads 7 hours a week, how many hours will she read in a year?

  • If Ms. Garcia wants to read 100 hours this month, how many hours will she need to read each day?

kid reading