Running DNA in a Gel

Bands in Gel

Who We Are

Tara and John

What We Did

We took “clean” and spun down DNA of the contents of Lion Fish stomachs to be tested to see what species the Lion Fish were eating. We made a gel for the DNA to move through. Small slots were put in the gel as it hardened so the DNA mixed with dye (so we could se it) could be slipped in them. The gel sat in a container filled with water and an electric current was run through it making the DNA move through the gel from the negative to positive charged side. The DNA filled gel was then placed on a type of scanning machine that read the results of the DNA. This machine told you if your samples of DNA were adequate enough to be told information from it.


What We Learned

DNA is negatively charged so it moves from negative to positive charges.

Dye on Wax Paper



Questions We Have

Even if you are very careful using new gloves and clean surfaces, how can there still be inadequate DNA samples?

Almost Finished loading Dye/DNA into Gel

Connections to Teaching

DNA is negatively charged so is naturally attracted to its opposite, a positive charge.

Starting to run an electric current through the gel