Relay Race Prep

Who We Are

Deven Smith and others

What We Did

Had a crash course in science! We reviewed the microscope, different terms and vocabulary in science, as well as the different commonly used instruments.

What We Learned

While going over the microscope, we went over all of the different parts and the names for all of it. We also learned how to move everything around and how to make sure we were focused on what we were looking at. We learned how to properly add and remove slides, and how to use all of the different magnifiers and which ones to use depending on what you are looking at and what you are trying to find.

We went over basic science terms and vocabulary that we have used in the past but took a deeper look into what it all meant in terms of teaching. Some of the terms I hadn’t heard in years so it was good to refresh all of it.

We practiced with tools such as graduated cylinder, beakers, flutes, refractometers, mixing plates, etc. Not only did we have hands on experience to make sure we understood how to properly use everything, we also went over the proper ways to take care of all the items.

Questions We Have


Connections to Teaching

All of this is directly related to teaching and using the information in the classroom. As an educator it is important that we are able to explain and completely understand what we are teaching our students. We can never learn to much. Therefore, even though we have used all of the instruments, terms, and vocabulary before, doesn’t mean we always know everything about it. The more we educate ourselves and understand what we are teaching, the more successful our students will ultimately be.