Feeding the Predators (Blue Crabs)


Who We Are

Ashley Valdez

What We Did


We went out to Goose Island to feed the blue crabs that were in cages in the water. We had to get oysters from the water, crack them open, and feed them to the blue crabs. If any happened to be dead we had to replace them with a new crab. Though, these crabs were surrounded in their cages by oysters, they had no way to get to them as the oysters were protected by a wall on the outside of the cage. It was very interesting and hands on to see this research up close and be a part of it.

What We Learned

I learned that the main idea of the research is to show how oysters are able to harden their shells via certain chemicals possibly when they know predators are near. Of course, the true results will be revealed at  the close of the research. This is why the oysters are put around the blue crab so they are near and know the crab is there but for sake of the research the crab is unable to eat them.

Questions We Have

What will the final conclusion be?

Is there a certain chemical they give off when a predator is near?

How do you figure this out? In other words, what is the steps to see what chemical it gives off versus another oyster not in harms way.

Connections to Teaching

This is a great way to teach survival instincts and how animals protect themselves  naturally. It is great because it is an example here in our community that students can become familiar with and witness first hand.