Introduction to the Neurobiology Lab

Who We Are:

Mary L. McClendon and Dr. Mozzachiodi’s Lab Students

What We Did: 

Discussed the lab functions, toured the lab, and met the students working in the lab that I will be observing/ assisting.

What We Learned:

The lab works with a snail called an Aplysia.  A Neuron is a specialized cell in the body that transmits nerve impulses. 20140608_145336 The Human brain has billions of neurons while the brain of an Aplysia has only a few million neurons. This makes the brain of an Aplysia much easier to experiment on and locate specific information.

Questions We Have:

How has this study impacted our knowledge of the human brain?

Connections to Teaching:

This connects to science and the way our brain functions. TEKS 115.4 Health Education, Grade 2 (b) Knowledge and Skills (2.3) (B)

Who We Are

What We Did

What We Learned

Questions We Have

Connections to Teaching