First Day Meeting the Snails

Who We Are:

Mary L. McClendon and Dr. Mozzachiodi’s Lab Students

What We Did:

I performed shock training on a snail, fed a snail sea weed, injected the snail with anesthetic, dissected the snail, and studied the neurons under a microscope.


What We Learned:

B51 is a specific neuron that fires when a snail chooses to eat.

The snails eat in a manner that is similar to an octopus using a beak-like projection called the radula. The brain and the nervous system is spread out throughout the snail and not contained into one unit like our human brain.

Questions We Have:

How do you test the neurons of the brain after dissecting the snail?

Connections to Teaching:

This connects to science and the way our brain functions.

TEKS 115.4 Health Education, Grade 2 (b) Knowledge and Skills (2.3) (B)

Who We Are

What We Did

What We Learned

Questions We Have

Connections to Teaching