Feeding Time


Who We Are

Charlcie Stinnett

What We Did

We went to a site in Rockport to check on blue crabs that were in containers attached to posts in the water.  We were checking to see if all of the containers were still there and also if the crabs were still alive in certain containers.  Some of the crabs didn’t make it.  We picked up oysters off the ground in the water to feed to the crabs that were still alive.  It was my first time opening an oyster.  We had to cut up the soft part of the oyster, so we could push it through the openings in the container and give it to the crabs.

What We Learned

I learned how to open an oyster and also how to avoid jellyfish.

Questions We Have

How long can the crabs survive without being fed?

Connections to Teaching

This is a good opportunity to teach students about the relationship between predators and prey that live in the area.

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