Crabbing Divas

Who We Are

Adriane Taylor, Isabel Garza, Kaitlyn Schroeder-Spain, Heidi & Daniel

What We Did

We went out to the OSO Bay Turn around to collect Brown shrimp and Blue crab. We used a device called a “Push Net” to drag along the sea bed to collect different specimens of the crabs and shrimps. We were only able to collect a certain size of. Some were keepers and some we had to release. Once we collected the brown shrimp, we moved on to fishing for crabs. The crabs were caught using raw chicken and fishing wire tied to a stick.

What We Learned

I learned how to hold a crab without being pinched.
I learned a simple way to catch crabs using the basic essentials.
I learned how to distinguish between a male and a female.

Questions We Have

Why do you collect the smaller crabs, but yet the larger ones were used in the flipping experiment?

Connections to Teaching

This is a good way to show children the different sea creatures in our waters.