Chemical Oceanography (2)

There were two programs that Dr. Hu was facilitating.  The description  condenses the two that I observed:  This project studies the cycling of nutrients, particularly carbon, through ecosystems to track nutrient processing and food web interaction.

Who We Are

Dr. Hu, Assistant Cherry, Researchers: Melissa, Hingie and Yao

What We Did

Melissa was spearheading this research project.  It is based on the oysters in the bay.  The oysters are being exposed to predators – does that exposure cause the shells to thicken to act as protection for them.

What We Learned

The research is being conducted to learn how oysters  are impacted by the predators in their environment.

Questions We Have

What prompted the need to know this?


Connections to Teaching

Forming a hypothesis.

Determining the ‘need’ for the research.

Gathering of materials needed to conduct study.

Assigning workload to participants – and learning the value of team work.