Sweet Solutions

STEM Thursday, Kostoryz Elementary, September 22nd, 2015

Presenters:  Ms. Baker, Ms. Barrios,  Ms. Blonigen, Dr. Jeffery, Mr. Moreno, Ms. Phillips, Ms. Poore, Ms. Stevens

Sweet Solutions Lesson Plan


What does salt do to icy roads?


Sweet Solutions Student Activity Sheet

Lab Safety First

Lab Safety First

  • Let’s sort our materials into solids and liquids.

  • What can these materials make?

  • Let’s write a hypothesis.

  • Let’s write down some data about time and temperature.


  • What happened to the mixture? Why?

  • Did the evidence support your hypothesis?

  • Did every group record the same time and temperature? Why or why not?

  • What were the independent variables?

  • What was the dependent variable?



think, pair, share

How can you change the variables to create a different investigation?


exit slip

321 Exit Slip