Summer 2015 Research Experiences


Research Projects

Blue Crab Toxicology 


Researchers: Kelly Correia

Description:  This project investigate the effects of pesticides currently in use on the ecology and physiology of blue crabs.

Predator-Prey Interactions


Researcher: Avery Scherer

Description:   This project characterizes the conditions which influence oyster defenses and the ability of oysters to resist predation.

Tidal Flat Biogeochemistry


ResearchersDr. James Silliman, Katelin Stroman

Description: The chemical composition of tidal flat sediments are analyzed to investigate the depositional history of Oso Bay in south Texas.

Chemical Oceanography


ResearcherDr. Xinping Hu

Description: This project studies the cycling of nutrients, particularly carbon, through ecosystems to track nutrient processing and food web interactions.



Researcher: Dr. Derek Hogan

Description: This project studies the connectivity of important fisheries using genetic techniques to advise management strategies and examine the impacts of invasive lionfish on valuable Caribbean habitats.




Researcher: Dr. Ricardo Mozzachiodi, Kevin Wolfe

Description: This project uses the exceptionally large neurons of the California sea hare to study the neurobiology of fear and defensive behavior.

Microbial and Environmental Genomics- Micro-omics


Researcher: Dr. Jeffery Turner, Lee Pinnell, James Tallman

Description: The project  concerns sargassum and the possibility that it carries invasive species. Specifically, it addresses the question of whether sargassum, during it’s trip from the Sargasso Sea to our shores, picks up Vibrio cholerae (the etiologic agent of cholera).