October 2015 Common Planning


I. Welcome

A. Kim Moore-ETEAMS role, Program Manager
B. Tonya Jeffery-  ETEAMS role, Co-Pi

Common Planning October 2015 Powerpoint

II. Rep-tile Mathematics

  • What is a rep-tile in mathematics?

  • What kinds of patterns can we discover with rep-tiles?

III. Exploring Reptiles

Reptile Exploration Activity Sheet

 Shapes for Explorations

  • How can you determine the area and perimeter of these shapes?

  • What relationships do you see between the area and perimeter of the smaller and larger shapes?

IV. Rep-tile Challenges

Challenge A

Challenge B

Rep-4 tiles

  • Can you create a similar 2 dimensional figure from nine congruent smaller figures?

  • What strategies can you use to solve this problem?

V. Evaluating Rep-tiles


  • How can you use rep-tiles to teach perimeter, area, dimensional change, angle measurements, attributes of polygons?

  • How can you use rep-tiles to teach about mathematical problem solving?

VI. Rep-tile Resources

VII. Planning Time

time to plan

VIII. Final Thoughts and Questions?

pumpkin pie pic