Mentor Meetings Spring 2015


ETEAMS Mentor Meeting Agenda 2.16.15

Forms for Professional Notebook

ETEAMS Mentor Meeting Agenda 3-30-15


True Grit: The Best Measure of Success and How to Teach It

How Gritty are You?


More Research on Grit

League of Their Own


ETEAMS Mentor Meeting Agenda 4-20-2015

I. Sharing from the NCTM Annual Conference


Dan Meyers’ Three Act Math Tasks

Awkward moments

II. Sharing Successful Activities and Strategies

III. Logistics

ETEAMS Mentor Meeting Agenda 5-18-2015

I. Using Your Teacher Voice

Herding Cats

II. Logistics

  • Turn in Notebooks

  • Observations

  • ME by the SEa

  • CAMT

summers off

III. Sharing

  • This Year, I’m Proudest of…

  • Cool Things I’m Doing This Summer..

  • Next Year, I’m Definitely Going to..

Next School Year