Mentor Meetings Fall 2015

Mentor Meeting Agenda 9-28-15

  • How can this apply to your students as learners?

  • How can this apply to you as a teacher?

  • How can you apply this to yourself outside of the classroom?

Smarter Every Day Website

Meet a Science Evangelist

science safety cartoon

Just Kidding…This is only in the movies!

Sharing Time

  • One thing I am doing new this year that’s really working..

  • One thing I would like some feedback on..

  • An idea that I want to try…

Protractor on Floor


What is education worth?

Guidelines for ETEAMS Professional Notebooks

Lesson Reflection

Peer Observation Form

Let’s Share some Good News!


The Teacher’s Journey

Every Day

Keeping Company

Mentor Meeting Agenda 12-07-2015

frequent homework

Homework: A New User’s Guide

The Science of Smart: Making Homework Smarter