Hot Rod Conduction

STEM Thursday, Tom Browne Middle, October 8th, 2015

Presenters:  Ms. Lopez, Ms. Nieto, Ms. Moore, Ms. Price, Ms. Scherer

Hot Rod Conduction Lesson Plan

Hot Rod Conduction Lab


 What are the characteristics of metals?

 What are the characteristics of alloys?

frictional heat

Making Metals Movie



Problem: Which type of metal is the best conductor of heat?

Hypothesis: If brass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and nickel are exposed to heat through a lit candle, then ____________will melt the wax at the end of the metal rod first.

safety especially when there is heat involved!



  1. Insert wax in each indentation at the end of each spoke on the conductometer.

  2. Light candle or burner. Place the conductometer above the flame BUT NOT TOUCHING IT! You want it to be about an inch or so above the flame.

  3. Begin timing your trials now. You want to observe the wax as the rod is heated- record when it melts on each metal rod.


  •  What is the independent variable?

  • What is the dependent variable?

  • Which metal was the best conductor of heat?

  • Did the evidence support your hypothesis? Why or why not?


What metals and alloys can you find around your house?


exit slip

3-2-1 Exit Slip