Feed the Birds

woodpecker finch

STEM Thursday, Schanen Elementary, November 17th, 2015

Presenters: Ms. Price, Ms. Scherer, Dr. Smee, Ms. Ybarra

Feed the Birds Lesson Plan


  • Why have scientists been so interested in the Galapagos Islands?

  • What is unique about the woodpecker that has allowed it to survive?



Feed the Birds Data Collection Chart

  • Time to Eat!


 Let’s Share our Findings!

  • According to the data, what type of food does each beak pick up the best?

  • Which beak was able to pick up more than one type of food?

  • Why would it be useful for a bird to be able to pick up more than one type of food?




Bird Beaks and Their Uses Powerpoint


Time to Match Birds with their Food

Evaluating Bird Beaks

Evaluating Bird Beaks Answers

Bird Pictures

Reference chart

Adaptation Games

Beak Matches

Build a Bird