Exploring the Elements

STEM Thursday, Tom Browne Middle, October 8th, 2015

Presenters: Ms. Gallegos, Mr. Guerrero, Ms. Blonigen, Ms. Benavides, Ms. Bradshaw, Ms. Baumgartner, Ms. Barrios, Ms. Krygowski, Dr. Jeffery

Exploring Elements Lesson Plan


Exploring Elements Graphic Organizer

What are physical properties of metals, metalloids, and non metals?


periodic table

Let’s Make A Flip Book!

  • Where do we find each group of elements on the periodic table?

  • What are the common colors for each group?


Student Hand-out Metals, Metalloids, and Non Metals

  • How would you describe the luster and malleability for each group?

  • What state of matter do we commonly find each type of element?


helium balloon

Let’s observe some elements!



Time for a Card Sort!

  • What are the characteristics that metalloids share with metals?  With nonmetals?

  • Which elements were most difficult to sort? Why?

  • What is the main difference between metals and metalloids?