Cylindrical Steve Minecraft Math

Minecraft Math

STEM Thursday, Browne Middle,         April 2nd, 2015

Presenters: Ms. Bradshaw, Ms. Brunkenhoeffer, Ms. Escobar, Ms. Luthi, Mr. Melchor, Ms. Moore, Ms. Nieto, Ms. Stroman

Cylindrical Steve Lesson Plan


  • What shapes make up Steve’s body?

  • What is Steve’s total volume?


Nets for Cylindrical Steve

Cylindrical Steve   Steves

  • What does Block Steve and Cylindrical Steve have in common?

  • What is different between Block Steve and Cylindrical Steve?

Let’s Make Cylindrical Steve!


Cylindrical Steve Student Worksheet

Eighth Grade Reference Chart

  • How can we calculate the total surface area of Cylindrical Steve?

  • How can we calculate the lateral surface area of Cylindrical Steve?

  • How can we calculate the volume of Cylindrical Steve?


Double Steve Student Worksheet

  • How much bigger is Double Steve’s surface area than the original Steve?

  • How much bigger is Double Steve’s volume than the original Steve?


Surface Area and Volume of Cylinders Evaluation


Masterpiece Two