CAMT 2015



Agents for Change: Lisa Benavides, Martha Buendia, Lisa Coates, Ashley Davis, Christina Escobar, Amanda Gonzalez, Shelby Keeler, Sam Kureska, Tara McKenna, Natalie Roach, Harry Samuels,  Catherine Stein, Adriane Taylor

The Task:

Travel to Houston, TX to attend the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT). They are to gather ideas for best practices in teaching mathematics, co-present ‘Improving Mathematical Problem Solving,’ collect freebies at the exhibition hall, and see the Astros beat the Yankees.

Agents in Action with Dinah Zikes



TCTM Meeting

TCTM Meeting

Take us out to the Ballgame

baseball three



Problem Solving Presenters


 NEXT YEAR in San Antonio



5 thoughts on “CAMT 2015

  1. I greatly appreciate the ETEAMS administration for providing the funds to send teachers like me, first year teacher, to the CAMT conferences. I learned great educational ideas, which I will be implementing in my classroom.
    I appreciate Mrs. Moore’s and Cristina’s time, guidance, and patience with us during the days we stayed in Houston.
    In general, I thank every one in the team. You are great supporters willing to share and help others. CAMT 2015 was an extraordinary learning experience. I am looking forward to attend the next CAMT in San Antonio. .

  2. This was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the hands on approaches to teaching the students. Also the endless networking with other novice and experienced teachers was a great experience.

  3. Thank you to all who made it possible for me to attend. It was an experience!

    The choices of classes/seminars to attend was amazing. I think, for me, the best part was watching two first year teachers plan, attend and discuss the “adventure of CAMT”.

    I was impressed with the presenters. They reminded me of things to try again – and tweak – to reach kids of all ages, skills and abilities.

  4. Attending CAMT had been a goal of mine all year. I was very blessed and appreciative to have been selected to attend with my colleagues!

    I had a great time at CAMT – from learning about new foldable and journaling techniques to previewing new curriculum guides and tools – the whole experience was overwhelming.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how well orchestrated the conference was, especially the exhibits. We were able to meet with vendors who service our regions for a variety of classroom tools.

    Thank you so much Kim, Dr. Bruun, and Cristina for making it all possible. Thank you for your hard work in preparing a smooth and enjoyable conference for us all! We could NOT have done it without you!

  5. Attending the CAMT conference was amazing from beginning to end! I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for our group to attend, especially Kim and Christina who organized and accompanied us and were available at all times. (I think they made clones of themselves prior to the conference.)

    As for the conference, thanks to the shared enthusiasm of my fellow first year teacher, Martha, we were always up early (5:30 am!), ate breakfast and then shuttled over to the convention center early enough to trace out our potential day and night activities. These ranged from attending the scheduled workshops/sessions, the vendor area, the first timers event, Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics (TCTM) reception, and much more. It seemed as if Martha and I were some of the first to arrive and last to leave, we were like little kids in a candy store! I loved getting back to the hotel each night and going through all the goodies and ideas from the day with everyone. These included interactive notebook ideas, several great lessons on slope, a ton of foldable ideas with examples, classroom management tips/techniques, a ton of free math and teaching tool goodies from the vendors and a free year of ALEKS, an assessment/learning system, from Mcgraw-Hill for 10 students. It was awesome seeing all of us, the newbies as well as the veterans, excited about all the new ideas.

    I also met a wide variety of educators resulting in several new friends and contacts throughout the conference, which was amazing.

    Another high-light of the conference was when Harry and I were fortunate enough to speak about the impact ETEAMS Fellowship Program has had directly on students and the ETEAMS fellows/teacher leaders during Dr. Bruun’s presentation. (Thank you Dr. Bruun!)

    So needless to say, my first time at CAMT was one I will always treasure due to it being a great learning experience as well as a memorable time with my fellow ETEAMS colleagues/friends.

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