Summer 2014 Research Experiences


Research Projects

Blue Crab Toxicology 


Researchers: Kelly Correia, Kaitlyn Schroeder, Katie Spain

Description:  Two projects investigate the effects of pesticides currently in use on the ecology and physiology of blue crabs.

Predator-Prey Interactions


Researcher: Avery Scherer

Description:   This project characterizes the conditions which influence oyster defenses and the ability of oysters to resist predation.

Tidal Flat Biogeochemistry

tidal flat

ResearchersDr. James Silliman, Veronica Campbell, Benjamin Smith

Description: The chemical composition of tidal flat sediments are analyzed to investigate the depositional history of Oso Bay in south Texas.

Chemical Oceanography

Hu's Lab

ResearcherDr. Xinping Hu

Description: This project studies the cycling of nutrients, particularly carbon, through ecosystems to track nutrient processing and food web interactions.

Genetics One


ResearcherDr. Chris Bird, Lauren Gurski

Description: This project investigates the impacts of selective pressures, such as pollution and predation, on the genetic code of a number of species, including snook, oyster, and limpets.

Genetics Two


Researcher: Dr. Derek Hogan

Description: This project studies the connectivity of important fisheries using genetic techniques to advise management strategies and examine the impacts of invasive lionfish on valuable Caribbean habitats.



Researcher: Dr. Ricardo Mozzachiodi, Kevin Wolfe

Description: This project uses the exceptionally large neurons of the California sea hare to study the neurobiology of fear and defensive behavior.