Mixing up Matter

STEM Thursday, Kostoryz Elementary, October 16th, 2014

Presenters:  Ms. Castaneda, Ms. Fuentes, Ms. Gamez, Ms. Garza, Dr. Jeffery, Ms. Jurach, Ms. Kraatz, Ms. Hillery, Ms. McClendon,  Ms. Moore, Ms. Roach, Ms. Seward, Ms. Smith, Ms. Stroman, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Villa

Mixing Up Matter Lesson Plan


Sort these cards!

Matter Vocabulary Cards


Station Cards Directions

Mixtures and Solutions Student Worksheet Fourth Grade

Mixtures and Solutions Student Worksheet Fifth Grade

Mixing Stations:

  • Lemon Juice and Water lemon juice

  • Sand and Water                sand

  • Salt and Water                  salt

  • Kool Aid and Water         kool aid

  • Oil and Water                     oil

  • Milk and Water                   milk

  • Iron and Sand                     iron  

  • Rocks and Water                rocks 


  • What were the different ways we found to separate our two substances?

  • Were there combinations that couldn’t be separated?


Let’s Play Tic Tac Toe


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Scientists in Action

Take Home Challenge