5 thoughts on “ME by the SEa 2014

    1. I went to this section it was fun! What they are doing is one person holds 3 strings in one hand and the other person ties 3 knots. Then the partners were to predict how the 3 strings would tie up. (all 3 tied together in one big circle; 2 tied and one tied; 3 small sep rings; or 3 enterlocking rings…ect…)

    2. We were playing a probability game using yarn as a manipulative. I was having a hard time tying the yarn and Adam was giving me a hard time. LOL

  1. I thought the day went very well. I picked up a few freebies, met some colleagues and visited with them for a few, talked with a presenter and hope to meet up with her again and discuss more ideas!
    All in all it was well worth the time spent there!

  2. I felt like the ME by the SEA was one of my favorite things that I have done this summer. It was quite informative in a variety of ways; the fact that they had real teachers who were still in the field and are talking from experiences and what worked best for them. There were so many great ideas on how to use anchor charts and the fact that it is always best to involve the students in making them. That was one my favorite sections because anchor charts can be so versatile and do not necessarily have to be just for writing. Also, the storage ideas of the charts was interesting and the fact that some people made copies to put in a binder so that those who needed extra time with the charts could pull it out at their convenience. Also, during Dr. Zunker’s presentation it was a great way to realize that you can incorporate reading with math. This was an extremely interesting topic because the fact that you would be working all the students skills and not just practicing one. The Me by the Sea was one of the most beneficial conferences I could have asked for going into my field basing in the fall semester.

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