May Teacher Leaders Meeting

science joke

May Meeting Powerpoint

I. Welcome and Introductions

A. Kim Moore-E TEAMS role, Program Manager
B. Tonya Jeffery-  ETEAMS role, Co-Pi

II. Purpose/Goal of ETEAMS

A. ETEAMS Website:
B.  ETEAMS Partner Schools
C. Pre-Service Teachers (ETEAMS Fellows)
D.  In-Service Teachers (ETEAMS Teacher Leaders)
E.  ETEAMS 5E Math/Science Lesson Plans

III. Nature of Science: Activity One

A. Mystery Cube Activity  mystery cube
B.  Keys to Teaching the Nature of Science

IV. Myths of Science: Activity Two

A. Myths of Science Quiz    cartoon
B.  What’s in a Word?
C.  Next Generation Science Standards  Next Generation Science Standards