Exploring the Layers of the Earth

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STEM Thursday, Schanen Elementary  February 27th, 2014

Presenters: Ms. Davis, Ms. Hutson, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Jurach,  Ms. Lopez, Ms. Kureska, Ms. McClendon, Ms. Moore, Ms. Morales, Ms. Oliver, Mr. Samuels, Ms. Scherer, Ms. Stinnett, Ms. Valdez, Ms. Youngblood


Egg and the Earth: What do they have in common? 

   Inside of Egg                       Inside the earth               


Layers of the Earth Lyrics and Diagram

 What are the layers of the earth?


Layers of the Earth WS

What are the physical properties of the layers of the earth?

How deep are each of the  layers of the earth?


Let’s Make a Model!

Directions for Making a Model of the Earth    Pic of model


Ticket out the door

Three Things I Learned Today