Cooking up Fractions

             measuring cup

STEM Thursday, Kostoryz Elementary, May 8th, 2014

Presenters: Ms. Smee, Ms. Moore, Ms. Scherer, Ms. Seward, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Smith, Ms. Garza and Ms. Villa, 


Sharing Gold Bars: Equivalent Fraction Video


number line

Let’s Make a Number Line!

Number Line Fractions Student Worksheet


Number line with symbols

  • How can we use the number line to find equivalent fractions?

  • How do we compare fractions with different denominators?

  • Do you see the less than < sign on the number line?

  • Do you see the greater than > sign on the number line?


Making the Scholars Snack Mix

Scholars Snack Mix Student Worksheet


Sweet and Spicy


STAAR Ready Fraction Scholars

Scholars Snack Mix