Catch Me If You Can

 energy pyramid

STEM Thursday, Schanen Elementary April 10th, 2014

Presenters: Ms. Hutson, Ms. Jurach,  Ms. McClendon, Ms. Moore, Ms. Morales, Dr. Smee, Ms. Smee, Ms. Stinnett, Ms. Valdez, Ms. Youngblood


grasshopper          lizard      Hawk

  • What part is the grasshopper in the food chain?

  • What part is the lizard in the food chain?

  • What part is the hawk in the food chain?


Catch Me if You Can


  • What happens if we have an equal number of grasshoppers, lizards and hawks?

  • How many grasshoppers, lizards and hawks do we need to ensure the most number of living things survive?

  • What happens if we expand the size of our ecosystem?



  • How does pesticide affect our ecosystem?


  • How is this game like a real ecosystem?

  • What number of predators and prey worked the best? Why?

  • Where does the grass get its energy?  the grasshopper?  the lizard?  the hawk?

  • What strategies did you use to try to survive?

  • Other than pesticides, how do humans affect ecosystems?