ETEAMS in the Schools

The ETEAMS vision is of an inclusive community in which preservice elementary teachers build the knowledge, experience, beliefs, and dispositions needed to challenge and support underrepresented young adolescents to achieve excellence in STEM learning.

Here are some of the benefits we expect for the ETEAMS program in the Core Partner schools.

STEM Thursdays

  • Increased excitement in math and science as students experience hands-on activities.
  • Students get first-hand experience and learn more about career opportunities within STEM fields.
  • Activities promote deeper understanding of science and math concepts taught in the classroom.

Integrated Curriculum

  • Vertically aligned math/science curriculum based on the revised TEKS.
  • Monthly common planning time to allow for sharing of ideas in creating, implementing and improving curriculum.
  • Fellows and graduate students will develop science kits to facilitate hands-on activities.
  • Students will see purpose for learning mathematics as they use it in their science experiences.

Instructional Coaching

  • Dedicated math and science instructional coaches will work with both inservice teachers as well as preservice teachers to support implementation of this program.
  • Instructional coaches are available to work on all aspects of implementation: planning, organization, management (of  materials, time, students), assessment (of students and activity)

Peer Mediated Instruction

  • Older students will gain confidence as well as a deeper conceptual understanding as they tutor.
  • Younger students will grow in their content knowledge, as well as have positive role models.

Math & Science Teacher Preparation

  • Grades 4-8 certification workshops will be available to current staff as well as preservice teachers.
  • Preservice teachers will become part of a professional learning community, and enter teaching with experience in team planning.
  • Research experiences will strengthen understanding of science content.

Connections to TAMUCC STEM Faculty

  • STEM Faculty, Fellows and Graduate students will support extracurricular STEM activities such as science fair, MATHCOUNTS and Science Olympiad.
  • Students and teachers will have new opportunities for math and science field trips.

Authentic Science Research

  • Preservice teachers will share their research with students through age appropriate, standards based activities.
  • Elementary and middle school students will experience the research virtually through the ETEAMS website.
  • Opportunities will be available for a group of students to do summer work with STEM faculty at the university.

School Community

  • With increased resources, materials, and personnel, both students and teachers will experience academic success through teamwork and fun.